Bill Turnbull: Ex BBC Breakfast star urged to ‘demand’ more attention from wife by friend

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Former BBC Breakfast host Bill Turnbull was encouraged to “demand” more attention from his wife on his new podcast Paws and Claws. The latest episode of his new venture, which debuted on Classic FM last month, featured radio DJ Johnny Vaughan, who is equally as crazy about dogs.

She gives me the love and affection that I crave

Bill Turnbull

But when it came down to the nitty gritty and how much attention is enough attention to give your dog, Johnny made a rather brash statement.

Discussing how aliens would see us humans treating our pets like kings, Johnny insisted Bill tell him whether his wife dotes on him as much as she does with their two labradors.

Spluttering with laughter at the joke, Bill couldn’t get a word in edgeways as Johnny mimicked a pet owner’s childish tone used to speak to their furry companions.

“If you look at your dog, that’s who an alien would think the house revolves around,” Johnny noted.

“There’s no doubt about it!”


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He continued: “When was the last time you got home and got a nice strokey-strokey from everyone Bill?”

Not realising his guest wanted an actual answer, the BBC star went to move the conversation on but Johnny insisted he told him the last time he was petted by a human.

“I’m asking you a question,” he snapped.

“When was the last time you got home and got strokey’s from everyone?”

Bill burst out laughing: “OK, I will take this question head on,” he tried to stifle his laughter before explaining his get-home-from-work routine.

“The dogs come and greet me and I ignore them because I’m top dog, but then the lady of the house comes up to me and obviously I’m not going to ignore her,” he giggled, referring to his wife Sarah.

“And she gives me the love and affection that I crave.”

Still not satisfied with his answer, Bill’s guest was adamant he should demand the same attention his dogs get, describing a very accurate portrayal of our canine friends on the floor, wagging their tails in a mad fashion.

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“I’m going to ask for that!” Bill laughed, struggling to control himself.

“Demand it Bill! Demand it!” Johnny roared.

The television star tied the knot with Sarah in 1988 and the couple share three children together – Henry, Will and Flora.

Earlier this year, the veteran broadcaster spoke out about how his wife has been his rock throughout his battle with prostate cancer, something he believes has brought them closer together.


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“I sometimes think, what must it be like for people who don’t have anybody in their life who gets diagnosed with cancer?” the broadcaster revealed to Mail Online earlier this year.

“If you have somebody else with you, particularly someone who loves you truly, madly, deeply, with whom you’ve been for more than 30 years, you can laugh and cry with them. They distract you in many ways. If you have nobody, that’s pretty tough.”

“I’m going to tear up now. I’m so sorry,” he said, before continuing.

“We go through it together. It has brought us even closer than before. We laugh a lot —– most of the time. And work is also a distraction.”

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