Biden's administration could have big advertising implications

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Today's news: President-elect Biden's administration could have big advertising implications, ex-ESPN employees talk about layoffs, and public relations firm MSL tries to prove that PR drives results.

A Biden-Harris administration could mean a crackdown on the advertising and tech industries

  • Patrick Coffee talked to experts who said Biden's election could lead to a nationwide data privacy law and the creation of a consumer privacy protection bureau.
  • They also expect more antitrust moves against big tech, anticompetitive e-commerce, and scrutiny over how cable providers collect and use data.
  • Ruvin Spivak, associate general counsel of compliance at marketing holding company Material, said a first step could be re-establishing some version of a 2016 agreement that allowed for data sharing between the US and the European Union.

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In this photo illustration the ESPN logo seen displayed on a smartphone.Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

'Even worse than we thought': ESPN employees describe how its 300-person round of layoffs has unfolded and what they think the future holds

  • Ashley Rodriguez and Travis Clark talked to ESPN about last week's mass layoffs.
  • People said they'd been bracing for layoffs as the pandemic ravaged Disney's broader business and media reports hinted that ESPN would be the next unit to face job cuts.
  • People got the news by phone their jobs were being eliminated.

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2020 Cadillac CT4-VCadillac

PR giant MSL breaks down how it's using tech tools to prove its work drives results for clients like P&G and Cadillac

  • Publicis-owned MSL is pitching its technology as the reason it can compete with marketing and communications agencies, which have historically provided better proof of performance, reports Sean Czarnecki. 
  • The agency has acquired tools and services to prove its work had impact, monitor news and social media more efficiently, and retarget content.
  • MSL said it's performing this kind of work for big-name clients like Invisalign, P&G, and Cadillac.

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