Bhad Bhabie Rants Against ‘Traumatizing’ Bullying After Criticized Over Unrecognizable Appearance

The ‘These Heaux’ raptress blames hate comments for the high case of suicides and brags about her status as a platinum artist after being accused of blackfishing.

AceShowbiz – Social media users just can’t leave Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli alone and she refuses to be silenced by them. The young star has clapped back at online trolls after she was criticized for her unrecognizable appearance in a recent Instagram Live session.

In the video, the 17-year-old raptress appeared to go makeup free while she’s in a car. She was barely recognizable with her fuller lips, which made it seem like she got lip fillers.

“I don’t like wearing makeup,” she said in the video after a fan seemingly praised her bare faced-look. “I feel like when I wear makeup it makes like a different person. It’s making me look different,” she explained.

But many disagreed with the fan, accusing Bhabie of blackfishing by making her lips plumper. “She want African features so bad but say colorist s**t. Make it make sense Dani,” one person blasted her. Another similarly commented, “EVERYBODY WANTS TO HAVE BLACK FEATURE!!”

Bhabie later took to her Instagram Story to seemingly respond to the criticism. Blaming hate comments for the high case of suicides, she wrote, “I see why ppl who get ridiculous amounts of pointless hate kill them self’s.”

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“It’s literally traumatizing how badly ppl who don’t even know speak on me and how evil they do it,” she went on lamenting. “Millions of ppl hate me like they personally know me or like I did something to them it’s weird and I can’t wrap my head around it.”

Not stopping there, she later went on Twitter to shut down the haters by bragging about her achievements as an artist so far. “I turned myself from a internet joke into a platinum artist with multiple plaques and multiple sold out show and millions of streams but all that don’t matter bc me and my mom go into it on tv back in 2016 it’s been 5 f**king years and I did a lot more then y’all hating a**hole,” so she claimed.

She then declared, “I’m not on no lil kid s**t no more I’m growing up becoming my true self and bettering my career and I WILL NOT allow y’all to drag me down any f**king longer.”

Meanwhile, reality TV star Kiyomi Leslie has expressed her support for Bhabie. “Why you have to have a strong support team. These people can be cruel without knowing how it’s affecting someone’s life with their hurtful comments. Praying for her,” she commented on a post about Bhabie’s response.

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