Beyonce’s Beyhive Goes After Britney Spears After Singer Claims She’s The Real ‘Queen B’

Oops she did it. Not again, but Britney Spears really stepped in it by calling herself ‘Queen B’ in an IG post, which has long been Beyonce’s nickname. That set off Bey’s ‘Beyhive’ of fans to come swarming in.

There are certain fan bases you just don’t toy with, and Beyonce‘s “Beyhive” is at the top of the list. Britney Spears unfortunately didn’t seem aware that the “Formation” singer’s fans — and most of the world — know her has “Queen B.” Brit shared Instagram post on June 24, addressing her fans who call her by the same nickname. She wrote, “To all my fans who call me Queen B….I believe this would be more accurate!!!!!” including a drawing of a regal looking bee. Many of Britney’s fans often call her “Queen” in Instagram post comments…but she didn’t seem to realize that “Queen B” is a whole different superstar.

Next to Britney’s caption was a drawing of a golden bee with rows of diamonds in place of stripes. It had silver wings and a regal looking gold and diamond crown above the antennae. While Britney is pop’s princess, Beyonce is widely known as Queen Bey or Queen B. Even the 38-year-old “Slumber Party” singer’s fans had to remind her of that, in addition to those of the Beyhive who flew in.

User @veerarintamaki wrote, “omg beyoncé is the queen b,” while @ellen_macintosh scolded, “Beyonce is Queen B, don’t get it twisted Brit.” @durndown4wut commented, “Beyoncé fans not gonna like this.” @joseph_anthonyg bemoaned, “Oh lord baby girl we can’t take the Hive,” as @imjohnnorman also seemed to know what was coming, taunting, “Shots fired beyhive,” with a bee emoji. Fan @joselynpotter pleaded, “Nooooo Beyoncé’s fans are going to come after her! Please be nice Hive.”

A few of Brit’s die-hard fans were still sure she deserved the Queen B title, with @theteacherjey commenting, “Beyoncé who? U’re the real queen.” But @culturespoon sweetly told the singer, “You are Queen Britney for sure, but the Queen B title is for someone else. You’re amazing.”

Britney and Beyonce have crossed paths during their career, with the most iconic moment taking place when they co-starred in a truly epic 2004 Pepsi commercial. Brit was at the height of her superstardom, while Bey had embarked on a solo career a year prior after leaving Destiny’s Child. Along with Pink, the ladies dressed as sexy gladiators in metal bikini tops while Queen‘s “We Will Rock You” played. Britney got to sing the first verse, being the biggest star, then Beyonce took the second verse.

Hopefully Britney’s experience with the Beyhive won’t be too rough. After all, she showed Beyonce major love by using lyrics from the 38-year-old singer in April while clapping back against Instagram trolls. Brit wrote, “Learning to love you sometimes is the hardest thing to do, and do you know how I show that? By posting whatever the heck I want. If I want to post a picture with the same outfit three times….I will do so and take note from Beyonce because I am FLAWLESS!!!!!! But seriously keep your mean comments to yourselves.”

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