Bachelor Alum Amanda Stanton Reacts To Fan Who Accused Her Of Protesting With Her Kids For ‘Fame&

Amanda Stanton is defending the right to peacefully protest with her kids!

A few trolls came for The Bachelor alum after she shared a photo of herself and youngest daughter Charlie, 6, holding up “Black Lives Matter” signs at a protest in Newport Beach, California, on Tuesday.

It’d be one thing if people were popping up with receipts the reality TV starlet is secretly a closet racist or something noteworthy like that. We’d be quick to call out the hypocrisy like anyone else! Instead, critics voiced their concern over Amanda’s decision to bring her kids, including 8-year-old daughter Kinsley, to the demonstration for clout. One Instagram commenter wrote:

“I can’t believe you put your girls in an uncompromising situation and instill fear in their hearts just for fame. Shame on you!!”

Uhh… shame on YOU for making so many ill-informed assumptions in one shot! The 30-year-old then clarified:

“She was not scared and it was very peaceful. She was proud to make her sign and be there and I’m happy she got to experience the emotion and passion in everyone there.”

Stanton followed up with a lengthier explanation on her IG story, writing:

“I understand not everyone is comfortable protesting or bringing kids and I totally understand that! I went back and forth on it and it was a decision I made so they could learn from an early age to use their voice and exercise their rights to stand up for something that’s so important.”

She continued, explaining the “peaceful and powerful” atmosphere at the protest and the profound effect it had on her family:

“I didn’t expect to get emotional as I did. No books or words can ever teach them the passion and emotion behind what they experienced firsthand today. I hope it encourages them to be braver than I was growing up when it comes to using their voice and taking action.”

Preach!! It is never too early to teach youngsters about the harsh realities and racial injustice that still exists within this country. Even if physically demonstrating isn’t your thing, there are a multitude of ways you can show up as an ally to the Black community during this crucial time and beyond. We hope Amanda and others continue these important conversations off social media, at home, with family and loved ones, too. Read her full message (below):

NBC Los Angeles news footage showed protestors fleeing to safety at the SoCal gathering after a man rushed throw crowds with his car and injured a bicyclist. The man was reportedly taken into custody and Amanda also assured concerned IG users her family was gone before the commotion started.

Dozens of celebrities and influencers have stepped up to support BLM and protest against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd‘s tragic death. While so many people are focusing on the riots and looting instead of peaceful protests, it’s great to hear and see another story advocating for the positive change that comes when you educate yourself on the movement and we’d love to see more of this!

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