Ashley Martson & Jay Smith: Did They Reconcile Just to Get Back on TV?

On Saturday, September 19, Ashley Marton revealed that she has left Jay Smith again and that this time might even be the last time.

Given the number of "second chances" that Ashley has awarded Jay, some fans aren't so sure.

But she is sure — it's over for good. And this time, it's not even because of any (new) cheating!

Now, Ashley is speaking to Celeb about the negotiations that had only just begun when she and Jay were together.

The two of them were this close to coming back on reality TV.

But … was their whole reconciliation just a ploy to stay relevant?

Here's what Ashley has to say:

1.Were we cheated out of an Ashley + Jay show?

2.That's not why they reconciled, though

3.Once was enough … mostly

4.There were other options

5.So why DID they get back together?

6.For the last time … probably …

7.Ashley blames herself

8.Jay hadn't even cheated again (yet)

9.She doesn't blame him

10.She tries to explain

11.There were some talks

12.Those were simpler times

13.They were entertaining the idea

14.But …

15.What was holding them back?

16.They needed a strong foundation

17.But this time, TV was not to blame

18.Is she done with TV forever?

19.However …

20.She knows that it's not easy

21.She has enough going on as it is

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