Ariana Grande reveals her natural wavy hair: was she wearing wigs this whole time?

get a load a dis

I’m half Indian, which means that I really don’t have to do much to my hair. I dye it and that’s it. I don’t even blow-dry it. I’ve never had extensions or a weave. So I don’t actually know how most of this stuff works! I’ve learned some stuff from watching celebrities and royals and reality stars. But here’s a question: does Ariana Grande just wear wigs whenever she’s in public? I mean, even in candid “street style” moments, she’s always had long, pin-straight hair, usually held up in a high ponytail. But now I’m wondering if it was always a wig? No, right? It’s more likely that she just had tons of extensions, hairpieces and then she just straightened and dyed her real hair, right? Maybe.

Anyway, I’m questioning Ari’s wigs and weaves because she posted this photo of her “natural” quarantine look. A lot of women have been posting tweets and IGs about how worried they are about not being able to get their hair done for months. I’m sure many women will go grey, or finally see their natural hair color for the first time in years. I’m sure many women will be giving themselves haircuts (I’m tempted to do it too). But in Ari’s case, it looks like her quarantine look is just… taking out the extensions and not straightening her hair? Or was it as easy as just removing a wig? She looks cute, for what it’s worth. She always looks so different without a high pony, that’s what’s throwing me off.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram.

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