Anne Hegerty told to unfriend The Chase question setter ‘immediately’ after discovery

The Chase: Team push Anne Hegerty back in final chase

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Speaking to ahead of the return of Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family, Anne Hegerty, 62, explained that chasers are not allowed to be friends with contestants on The Chase, or the question setters who work on it. But, after a series came to an end, she realised she was Facebook friends with one of the team behind the challenging quiz.

The producer said, ‘Please de-friend her immediately’

Anne Hegerty

The Governess said she had usually been particularly careful with who she connects with on social media and doesn’t accept anyone she doesn’t know.

After realising the error, she said she told producers straight away.

She said: “There was one occasion where I didn’t find out for an entire series that one of my Facebook friends was a question setter.

“It wasn’t until I met her at a wrap party that I discovered that, and I told the producer and the producer said, ‘Please de-friend her immediately’ because I didn’t actually know she was a question setter.”

The Governess star went on to explain: “I can’t be on a quiz team with one of the question setters, there’s been times I’ve been at a quiz event and I’ve had to go to the organiser and say, ‘Sorry I can’t be on the team with this guy’.”

Anne explained that being friends with a contestant or question setters could be frowned upon due to the context of the show, where chasers go up against four contestants in a bid to stop them winning the money.

She added: “There’s always the danger that they might be someone who’s going to go on the show and then I would have to say, ‘Sorry I know this person, they sent me a friend request’.

“If you’re going to be on the show, don’t friend me, don’t talk to me because we have to declare if we know someone.

“You can actually lose your place on the show if you make a huge effort to get to know all the chasers.”

The quizmasters went on to spill that chasers are given a list of contestants they will be playing against beforehand and have to declare if they know someone.

“We can’t play people we know,” she added. “The idea is that if I go on The Chase and play people I know and lose, then the rumour that’s going to go out is ‘she took a dive, she had a deal and split the money’.

“It’s one reason why we can’t always get as good as contestants as we want to because we know so many of the top quizzers.

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“A lot of the top quizzers are actually question setters for the show.

“We are not allowed to know the question setters, we can know who they are so we know who we have to avoid.”

Anne has been a chaser on the show since 2010 and is also a regular on the Australian version with Mark Labbett.

As well as this, she has been a part of spin-off show Beat The Chasers since 2020.

As of 2018, Anne has also fronted her own show Britain’s Brightest Family.

Tonight, the celebrity edition of the show returns to screens, where the Ruddock brothers will go head-to-head with Olympian Colin Jackson and his family.

Other celebrities taking part in the series include Vanessa Feltz, Matthew Wright, Joe Pasquale, Antony Cotton, Craig Charles and Rita Simons.

Who will make it through and get closer to the chance of winning £25,000 for their chosen charity?

Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family airs tonight at 8.30pm on ITV.

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