Anime face filter on TikTok: Here’s how you get it

There’s a brand new anime face filter that’s popped up this week, and it’s rapidly going viral across Instagram and TikTok.

Face filters are nothing new on social media, but this one is causing quite a stir, mostly because it’s totally awesome and really accurate.

While many filters are less than impressive and seem to just mess around with various colors (not very exciting), and yes, there have been anime face filters in the past, but this one takes it to the next level by actually adjusting to your features.

The anime filter is called Anime Style

The filter is called Anime Style, and it actually tracks your face and facial expressions to transform you into an anime character. But social media users have been left wondering how to get the anime filter on TikTok and Instagram?

Now for the snag, unfortunately, TikTok users have been struggling to get their hands on this new cool app. And that’s because it’s not actually available on the video app. There are other filters, but not this one. And it’s the same story with Instagram.



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This filter is what nightmares are for. I look like a gah damn villain from an anime series.. #animefilter #filters #snapchatfilter #animeface #otaku #anime

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Anime Face Filter available through Snapchat

So, where do you get the anime filter? Snapchat has it, although this has also proved tricky for some users to locate. Unfortunately, you might have to scroll through the thousands of filters offered by Snapchat.

Distractify points out that if you’re lucky, it might be found in the pre-recommended filters, as Snapchat tailors its filters to the users’ needs.

If it’s not there, you’ll have to search ‘Anime Style’ within Snapchat’s library of filters. If this still fails to come up with any results, then don’t panic.

Many TikTok and Instagram users have placed a link to the filter in their bios or in the comments section of videos. If you can’t find one, maybe try politely asking a friend to hook you up.

Once you’ve got the filter on Snapchat, you will receive a message that states ‘new lens found’ followed by another that says “unlock for 48 hours.” Once you’ve hit the unlock button, then you’ll find yourself instantly transformed into an anime character. Make sure to try out all your facial expressions!!

Don’t worry about running out of time; Snapfont reports that you can simply repeat the process after 48 hours. You can then upload your videos from Snapchat to TikTik and Instagram.

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Social media is always a source of various crazes and challenges, as well as the latest fashions, and this has only intensified in recent months and weeks as many people find themselves self-isolating and bored. The resurgence of a good old fashioned riddle has been a wonderful phenomenon of late.

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