Angelina Jolie on having her six kids at home: ‘They really take care of each other’

I was hoping that we would have some news about Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the private judge on their divorce case. But every outlet has suddenly gone silent on the situation. What gives? Someone sent me a tip that on Wednesday, the effort to throw Judge Ouderkirk off the case will be sealed by the court. There’s some kind of motion to seal and something is going down tomorrow. I don’t really understand what’s happening or which side requested that, but I do feel like there might not be much information coming out this week.

Meanwhile, The One and Only Ivan comes to Disney+ on Friday. Angelina voices Stella (an elephant) in the kids’ film, and Angelina is already doing some press around it. She chatted about having all six kids home during the pandemic, and how Maddox is doing remote learning at Yonsei University:

On Maddox: “He had to stay back from Korea. He’s going online, and so I think he starts at 6 p.m. at night.”

On all six kids: “I’m so lucky, we’re used to being tight together for a long time, it was so nice when Mad came home from college… Now he’s going to be going to college in Korea while he’s still in the house…I’m lucky and I think when you have that many children they really take care of each other. They help me, I’m not alone managing everything, they are an amazing team, I’m very very fortunate.”

Shiloh loves The One and Only Ivan: “Well, Shiloh years ago told me she’d read a book that she’d loved and she wanted me to read it. And so, we didn’t read it together, I read it on my own and then we looked at some of it together and we talked about why she loved it and then I enquired if it was being made, as you do, into a film. Then I found out it was kind of in the works… and I tried to stay with it and push it and stay as true to the book as possible that was my main focus.”

Why Angelina loves the story: “I think it’s a very very special story, it’s a true story. So of course I think that resonates with all of us especially with the environmental issues and the destruction of these habitats and poaching and we have young people who are activists now and the heart of this film is a young activist who can see what the adults can’t see. And we also have a central character in [gorilla] Ivan who’s saying ‘this is your perception of me, what you think you know of me… you think I’m supposed to be “this” but it’s not who I am and will I be allowed to be who I am?’. And I think that’s how everybody feels. I hope it does really resonates and that it does give some sense of hope. Because a big part of this is looking at what you do have and then helping others and knowing like the story says… that it’s never too late to discover who you are and push forward with that person. The real Ivan did have a nice end to a very difficult life.”

[From Vogue & The Daily Mail]

I have a thing where I can’t really watch animals – even half-fictionalized animals – being mistreated on-screen, so I’m not going to watch The One and Only Ivan in general. I saw the trailer and I was like “eh, nope.” But I get that it’s a kids’ story and I hope kids love it. I think it’s cool that Shiloh was like “mom I read this book, I want you to read it too!” That’s amazing.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is doing a virtual table read for Fast Times at Ridgemont High with… Jennifer Aniston. *deep sigh* Those two with their desperado tabloid sh-t.

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