Andrew Lincoln Sports Rick Grimes-like Beard During Sighting With Bill Nighy in London

It looks like Andrew Lincoln is getting back into character as Rick Grimes.

The 47-year-old actor was spotted out in London with Bill Nighy, who he starred with in Love, Actually, and couple of other friends earlier this week and Andrew was seen sporting a very white beard that reminded many fans of his Walking Dead character.

“Wow! Look at the Rick beard” and “Time to get some movies out” were just some of the reactions to Andrew‘s look.

Last year, it was reported that Andrew‘s Rick Grimes would be starring in a few movies in the franchise and they would head to theaters first. However, with the pandemic, it’s uncertain if that remains.

The untitled movie would answer what actually happened to Rick, since he’s been away from his family on series.

Earlier this year, Andrew made a shocking confession about the AMC series. See what it was here!

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