Andrea McLean takes ‘drastic action’ after ‘nearly gassing and blinding herself’ at home

Loose Women: Andrea McLean gets emotional during final show

Andrea McLean, 51, had to gear up in Wednesday after she found herself in the battle of her life. The former Loose Women star revealed she had almost “gassed” and “blinded” herself whilst attempting to clean her bathroom, as the fumes and chemicals from the different sprays became too much and overpowering.

So, in order to prevent the job from wiping her out completely, the TV star got readily prepared.

Taking to Instagram, she informed fans she was making the necessary precautions to keep herself safe.

She penned on her Instagram Story: “I started cleaning the bathroom and damn near gassed and blinded myself with the fumes from the spray!” she said.

“So I had to take drastic action.”

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It was a few seconds before she debuted her new protective gear in the next post, but it’s safe to say it definitely didn’t disappoint.

If fans would have flicked to the next slide, they would have seen a sight that almost resembled a gas mask from wartime Britain.

But in fact, it was just McLean wearing a set of blacked-out swimming goggles and a tartan scarf tied tightly around her face to keep any odours out.

And it’s not as if by now we’re not used to wearing face coverings.

She also wore a black high-neck polo top for added coverage, tucking the tartan bandana inside.

Alongside the snap, she gave her followers a muktiple choice question, allowing them to pick what it looked like she was doing.

The choices included “preparing for a rainy walk in Scotland” and “preparing to clean the bathroom”.

It comes just months after McLean announced that she would be leaving Loose Women after 13 years on air.

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The 51-year-old wiped away tears as she told viewers she would be leaving the lunchtime talk show at Christmas.

“Last year I had a nervous breakdown,” she said at the time.

“What I felt is that this year, collectively, the world has had a breakdown.

“It made me stop and think, ‘What do I actually want?’ You get one life, are you living it the way that you want?”

She went on: “Are you doing everything that you want to do? Are you being brave? Are you taking chances? And I realised, no.”

While it was a “big decision to jump”, she said she wished to concentrate on her website and brand.

Having joined the show back in 2007 as one of its main hosts, McLean explained she needed to push herself otherwise she would never know if she would “fall or fly” unless she tried.

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