Andrea McLean: Loose Women host brands husband a t**t in shock video ‘I hate that’

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Andrea McLean, 50, shared a video of her enjoying a walk outdoors with husband Nick Feeney, after spending months in lockdown together. The TV star spoke earnestly to the camera before her spouse raised his two fingers behind her head, prompting her to call him a “t**t” for the crude gesture

Just not funny

Andrea Mclean

Andrea said: “Do you know what’s been one good thing about lockdown, actually it has…”

Nick suddenly interrupted Andrea’s train of thought as he playfully put two fingers behind her head.

The Loose Women anchor hit back: “Such a tw**t,” as she proceeded to roll her eyes.

Attempting to get the conversation back on a serious tone, Andrea continued: “It’s made us go for walks everyday….”


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Once again the star was interrupted by her jovial husband, as he put his wet finger in her ear.  The star didn’t look as though she enjoyed the moment, but appeared to only hit back light-heartedly

Andrea exclaimed: “I really hate that, ah the wet finger in the ear, it’s just not funny!”

She questioned: “Who invented the wet finger in the ear?”

Nick responded: “The guy that did this,” as he ran towards her once more.

Back in May, Andrea spoke out on how the couple had attended marriage counselling after she suffered a breakdown.

On Loose Women, she spoke of therapy between her and her husband of two years Nick.

The mum-of-two said: “I had a breakdown last year which is not something I’ve spoken about, but I did.

“If it had happened this year, then I would have been in trouble, but I’ve worked on things and got support.

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Andrea McLean opens up on ‘difficult day’
Andrea McLean opens up on ‘personal’ experience which led to breakdown

“We had already calmed our lives down and I had therapy, so actually I was quite chill when (the lockdown) happened.

“We did it because I was going through a tough time; obviously I’ve now said on air I was having a breakdown.”

She added: “I know all of us were scared for the first week or so, but I focused on what I could control and not what I couldn’t.”

Andrea later told that the pair went to therapy, so Nick could better understand how to help her.


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She explained: “What I was saying was, in my experience, marriage counselling is very helpful.

“I meant it in that context, the way it was reported was we were clearly having marriage difficulties.

“We weren’t having difficulties at all, he was being supportive of me.”

She continued: “In my opinion, everyone should go to marriage counselling, even if your relationship is super healthy because you learn ways to communicate better.” 

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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