Amy Roloff is All of Us During Ongoing Covid-19 Outbreak

Amy Roloff has a lot of thoughts right now, you guys.

And not very much going on in her life.

The Little People, Big World matriarch is stuck at home due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak and related nationwide shutdown.

She’s not alone, thankfully, as Amy is isolating with fiance Chris Marek — but it still isn’t easy.

And Roloff simply has so many contrasting things running through her head during this challenging time.

“We’re thankful for each other and we’re doing well,” Amy recently updated followers on Instagram.

That’s a great start and a great mindset, but Amy continued as follows;

Then as I enjoy the sunshine on my face My thoughts soon drift to my kids and grandkids and miss seeing them, the many, so many that are on the frontlines helping us stay safe and healthy and how thankful I am…

… to those who are afraid and anxious right now and feel uncertain — I hope you can rest and breathe.

It’s really hard, right?

We all wanna keep perspective and acknowledge that so many of us are so fortunate to have our health and our family.

And yet: It’s tough!

We’re scared and bored or we’re frightened and desperate to find things to do at home with our kids.

There are just so many competing feelings and thoughts and concerns overall, you know? 

Added Amy in her Instagram post, addressing those on the front lines of the pandemic:

We are in this together and know others are loving and rooting for you…

… those that need to go in each day and face the corona virus head on so others can live, those facing devastating loss of a loved one or a job/income, a planned event cancelled, local and small businesses hoping they’ll still be here when this is ‘over’ and…

… keep praying and helping when and where you can in a time like this… keep staying in.

Concluded Roloff, giving us all a glimpse into her mindset:

Then as I turn back and look at Chris and we sip from a glass of wine, I’m back to right where I am. Thankful. Thankful for him, my family, grandkids and still keeping the faith.

Still believing and knowing the Lord is here with us and has not left us.

Grateful for ALL the helpers and their willingness to keep life alive and going and their families. Thankful. Thank You.

We totally get it, Amy. All of it.

Thank you for sharing.

And please continue to hang in there.

Everyone: Please continue to hang in there.

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