Amber Smith Confronts Trolls For 'Cruel' Comments Over Giving Birth 2 Years Following Son’s Fatal Drowning

Amber Smith is done with the hate.

After giving birth to her new baby boy Maverick Beckham Smith on Friday, the wife of country musician Granger Smith opened up about the “hurtful” messages she and her family have been bombarded with since welcoming the tiny tot two years after their 3-year-old son River (lower inset) drowned in a pool accident.

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On Tuesday, she took to her Instagram Story to confront trolls, saying:

“I never like to give these people more attention than they deserve, but it’s just a reminder that we live in a dark world where people judge one another, and say the most hurtful, cruel things.”

Before sharing some of the brutal comments she receives daily, the Monsterwolf actress added:

“Please think before you type or speak your opinion.”

The screenshots she reposted went on to blame the Country Things performer and his wife for the shocking death of their child — and even insisted they’re now replacing him with another kiddo. WTF. The haters insensitively argued:

“If only the 3rd was still here only if you guy’s would have watched him better around the pool he probably would still be here. Poor River.”

“I know you will never see this but I just wanted to reach out and say a few things First thing is I don’t really know your or your family so I can’t judge nor is it my business but how could you ever just lose a kid and replace him and be fine with it you seem so happy and it seemed like it was so easy for you to have another kid.”

“Can’t judge” you, but still do anyway?? SMH.

These comments serve as a good reminder that just because you don’t think a celebrity will see your post, it doesn’t mean they won’t. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, may as well not share it! (This is basic stuff, y’all.) Clearly, these trolls haven’t suffered an unimaginable loss like the Smiths either because you don’t ever just get over one child because you’ve had another…

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And the parents have certainly never forgotten about River. Ever since his death, Granger felt “obligated” to share their story with the world. Through emotional YouTube videos and consistent posts on IG, the religious family has done everything in their power to keep the toddler’s legacy alive… even when that means recalling his final moments.

Two years ago, the couple opened up about the tragic accident on Today, with Amber revealing:

“I was 20 feet away. I was playing gymnastics with my daughter. He was outside of the locked gate with our other son. There wasn’t music playing; there wasn’t any kind of distractions. It was just a quiet, 7 p.m. summer evening. It was so silent. There wasn’t a splash; there wasn’t any kind of call for help. I just saw him. I turned around, and I saw him.”


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The Texans have shared their mourning process on social media, with the momma often reflecting on difficult moments since saying goodbye to her son prematurely. The decision to give birth to another child was a complicated one, which she discussed on the ‘gram, admitting:

“I truly didn’t know how my emotions would be welcoming Maverick into the world. The journey we’ve been on, the anticipation, the grief, guilt, and joy was all swirling around in my heart.”

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The 39-year-old candidly added:

“I was honestly scared of how I would feel, but the main emotion and feeling I have is peace. Full peace. I’m so full of gratitude for his life and the blessing he is to our family.”

Maverick’s name also pays tribute to his late older brother, according to the songwriter who shared:

“’Ham’ means home and ‘Beck’ means creek or stream or river.”

So special. After dealing with all the hate on her feed, the mom to older kids London, 9, and Lincoln, 7, snapped a video holding her newborn, reflecting:

“We worship away the dark and dance into the light.”

A great motto to live by in the face of all this cruelty!

It’s so awful that this family has to deal with such negative comments while trying to rebuild their lives following the most harrowing experience. Wishing them good vibes as they shower their latest arrival with so much love!

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