Alec Baldwin's Eerie Lookalike Is Millard Fillmore, America's 13th President

Over the years, many pop culture fans have noticed that a startling number of modern-day celebrities bear a striking resemblance to certain historical figures. Some celebrities with historical doppelgängers include Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage, and even Tommy Lee Jones — however, none are quite so startling as the strange case of the actor Alec Baldwin and the former president, Millard Fillmore. A 2017 report not only pointed out some startling physical similarities between the two men but also made a case for the two possibly being related. 

What is Alec Baldwin best known for?

Baldwin has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry since the ’80s. Although Baldwin is probably best known these days for his comedic acting, including a long-running stint as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, Baldwin got his start as a dramatic actor.

He acted in a variety of Broadway productions before transitioning to mostly film roles, acting in movies like Working Girl, Beetlejuice, and The Hunt for Red October. All throughout the ’90s, Baldwin was a popular face with viewers of all ages.

At the peak of his career, Baldwin’s reputation took a hit after a messy divorce from Kim Basinger. Still, he was able to rebound, and in the early 2000s, he proved his ability to bounce back by embarking on a successful career in television.

His work in 30 Rock earned him a new audience of fans, and these days, he tends to mainly choose roles in television, rather than film. All in all, Baldwin’s life story couldn’t look more different from that of Millard Fillmore, his historical doppelganger. 

Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of the United States

Fillmore was born in 1800 and was raised in a log cabin in New York. Although he was raised in a working-class family, Fillmore was an intelligent child and went on to become an attorney.

Fillmore did not get involved in politics until a bit later in life, getting elected as the 12th U.S. Vice President in 1848. He became president in July 1850 upon the death of U.S. President Zachary Taylor. 

Fillmore left office in 1853 but remained involved in both politics and law, his true passion, until his death in 1874. Ultimately, his legacy is a complicated one, but his involvement in Reconstruction politics will always give him a place in the history books. 

Alec Baldwin and Millard Fillmore share some startling similarities

In recent years, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed some outrageous similarities between pictures of former president Fillmore and modern-day actor, Baldwin. A 2017 report by Closer Weekly points out the physical resemblance between the two men, starting with the same eye shape and hairline, and also comparing how the two men even seem to share the same type of nose and frown lines.

“Millard Fillmore is an urban legend. There was not a ‘real’ Millard Filmore. Everything we remember about him is from a piece of fiction starring Alec Baldwin. The movie was called The Easily Forgotten President,” a Reddit user stated jokingly.

“Now I can’t unsee it,” another fan on Reddit said.

Some fans have even questioned whether Baldwin could be related to the former president — but in spite of the fact that both Baldwin and Fillmore share some connections to the state of New York, there is nothing concrete to link the two men. 

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