Adele Accused of Cultural Appropriation With Bikini Photo

While her fans are stunned by the ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer’s slim figure in the Instagram image, some others take issue with her Bantu knot hairstyle.

AceShowbizAdele gained both love and hate with her latest Instagram picture. While the British singer successfully stunned her followers with her body transformation after her 100-pound weight loss in the photo, the Grammy Award-winning artist has landed in hot water at the same time for her reference to black culture in the image.

In the said snap, the “Someone Like You” hitmaker bared her midriff in a bikini top emblazoned with the Jamaican flag. Her hair was styled in Bantu knots, which have traditionally been worn by black women, while she also sported a yellow headpiece and a big chain necklace.

“Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London,” she wrote in the caption of the shot. The annual London festival usually takes place this weekend, but this year the event was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s unclear when Adele took the photo, but people have since voiced their outrage over her hairstyle. “This is what happens when you invite too many people to the cookout no more invites #Adele #Bantu,” wrote one user on Twitter.

Others accused the 32-year-old songstress of cultural appropriation, with one slamming her, “With all this racial injustice going on @Adel (sic) thought this was ok?? #Adele #culturalappropriation.” A disappointed fan commented, “Adele I love you and you’re my favorite artist but this is culture appropriation please take down this photo.”

Another similarly responded to Adele’s photo, “Adele, I love you and so do many people, but the hair is not it. it’s not right at all. This is cultural appropriation and sets a bad example for what white women should be doing on their heads. You’re taking the light away from black women! pls learn from your mistake and do better!”

Some others, however, have come to Adele’s defense. “Who cares if she has Bantu knots in her hair it’s a hairstyle how the f**k u cancel a person Because they wanted to switch they hair up,” one of them fired back at the critics.

“Everything is culture appropriation it is a hair Styles. You don’t tell black women don’t straighten their hair or dye blonde. Women can do whatever they want with their hair without making everything an issue,” another added.

Someone else claimed that the Jamaican culture is part of the culture celebrated in Adele’s hometown of London. “She is from London and [Jamaican] is part of the culture here so just stop and acknowledge she’s paying homage,” the said user remarked.

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