Addison Rae Reveals Her First Celeb Crushes, Including This Cartoon Character!

Addison Rae opens up about who she had a crush on when she was younger!

The 19-year-old TikTok star dished on the most recent episode of her podcast, Mama Knows Best, about which celebs she had her eyes on.

“I can probably name all the guys I’ve had a crush on to be honest but it’d probably be a good two handfuls, I’ve had a crush on a lot of people,” Addison said. “My celebrity crushes were like, Justin Bieber. I really liked One Direction, especially in like middle school. Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, they’re pretty random and all over the place.”

“For me, I definitely had a crush on Danny Phantom, he was always cute. I’ve had crushes on a lot of cartoons, I feel like…” she added.

Addison also shared some advice on how to shoot your shot with your crush.

“Be confident. Do the DM’s, slide in if you can, even if you know them it’s really easy to do it over the phone just in case you feel awkward,” she said. “Another way, I’d say is to write a note. I know no one does that anymore but it’s such a genuine and sweet way [to tell your crush you like them].”

In case you missed it, find out Addison‘s first TikTok crush was!

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