Adam Henson, 54, says life has changed due to BBC show Countryfile I get criticism

This Morning: Adam Henson admits to 'emotions' in farming

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Adam Henson, 54, has revealed to how his life changed “a fair bit” once he became a household name due to his role in BBC’s Countryfile. The Cotswolds farmer divulged how people now often come up to him in the street to offer their views on the programme, including some “constructive criticism of the show”.

I do get recognised quite a lot

Adam Henson

Opening up on the response he has had from the public toward the farming series, Adam shared: “It’s lovely when people send flattering emails and thank me for nice programmes… and when I meet people when I’m out and about, people are always very complimentary and kind. 

“I get advice and constructive criticism sometimes. My life has changed a fair bit.”

The 54-year-old says he began to get more recognised once the BBC programme switched over to primetime 12 years ago.

He continued: “I’ve been on Countryfile for 20 years and because the show moved to primetime in 2009, our viewers are now six million every week. 

“I do get recognised quite a lot,” Adam added.

However, sometimes the feedback he gets from the public is not always positive, although the farmer states he is “open to advice” offered from fans.

Speaking on the negative response the show has received in the past for certain controversial segments, Adam said: “I’m really open to advice, as long as it’s constructive. 

“We don’t always get it right on the programme, there could be other elements we could be showing or talking about. 

“Or a different way of explaining things, or slightly different techniques. So that’s all fine by me.”

One thing the TV personality won’t stand for is trolling, which he has recently experienced from some of the vegan community.

“When I do sometimes get vicious feedback, people being rude and mean, and nasty about me or the way we farm. 

“Particularly recently, some quite nasty social media lashing out from vegans, talking about meat productions. 

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“They are hiding behind their screens, being really quite vicious towards me. Making all sorts of assumptions and using language that is totally inappropriate.”

Adam felt “frustrated” by some of the comments made, as members of his family including his wife Charlotte Henson and daughter Ella Henson are both vegetarians.

He continued: “Surely we need to have a sensible, adult conversation. I’m quite prepared to change my views, but I’m not going to do it if people are vicious.

“You know my daughter’s vegetarian, my wife’s vegetarian. My son and I eat meat. 

“We have adult conversations about stuff and that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Aside from his hosting duties on Countryfile, Adam also runs the Cotswold Farm Park alongside business partner Duncan Andrews.

The Countryfile host described the last year as being “horrible” and “really difficult” for his enterprise, as he had to place 53 of his staff on the furlough scheme.

Opening up on the past few months, Adam said: “It’s been horrible, it’s been really difficult for us, financially and also physically. 

“The government have done an amazing job in supporting businesses through the furlough scheme, through business rate holidays, so the support we had in 2020 has been intense and it continues into 2021.”

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