A Place In The Sun presenter talks warning from wife amid health worries ‘You need to’

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A Place In The Sun presenter Ben Hillman is back filming for the property show after lockdown measures were eased. While he is enjoying being back on set overseas, the host admitted his wife Gaby had to encourage him to keep busy amid mental health concerns during lockdown.

My mood dropped off massively.

Ben Hillman

The property expert said he threw himself back into fitness during lockdown to “keep sane” after feeling depressed.

Speaking from Portugal, he explained: “I used to do lots of hiit training but when lockdown came, that all went out the window.

“But then that all eased off and I got well into my fitness towards the latter end of lockdown.

“I’ve got a little gym set up in my room at the moment, I’ve got a travelling gym with me.”

“Everyone is like, ‘B****y lockdown I’ve put on weight, I’ve been drinking too much,’ and I’m like I feel really f*****g fit.

“Give me more of that lockdown!”

During his time off, Ben said he kept occupied by working on projects as well as “getting out and about” and going for a run while being off work.

On whether the lockdown period affected his mental health, he went on to say: “Well I tell you what, it absolutely did, because whenever I got to the end of whatever project it was I was doing at home, these projects would take me two or three weeks, something like that, as soon as one came to an end and I didn’t have any focus or direction, my mood dropped off massively.

“I would literally get depressed but Gaby would be like, ‘You need to find something to do with your time’.

“And then as soon as I was onto something else… it was just the distraction which kept me going, so yeah it became really important for me I think.”

Ben finally returned to work in July and filmed in Portugal and Spain for six weeks.

While he was pleased to be back to work, the presenter admitted being away from his wife and two daughters was the hardest part of the job.

He added: “I’m a real home bod, I love being around my family and being around my kids, they’re the number one thing in my life.

“To be intensely with them for all that time [through lockdown] and then all of a sudden not, that was quite tough.”

Gaby and his daughters could not join him on his six-week stint due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

Ben has since shared an Instagram post telling fans his current schedule had come to an end.

In view of his 7,669 followers, he wrote: “Well that was a blast!!!

“6 weeks of filming in Portugal and Spain with the most amazing teams (you know who you all are) and six fantastic new episodes of your favourite sunshine show making their way to your telly box soon.

“But now it’s time to get back to my beautiful family which I have missed beyond words. Daddy’s coming home.”

A Place In The Sun continues today at 3pm on Channel 4.

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