90 Day Fiance: The FAKEST Moments in Franchise History

90 Day Fiance is many things.

It's intensely popular.

It's dramatic. It's a hot topic.

The show is also frequently accused of being fake.

To be clear, 90 Day Fiance is not scripted, and the couples are real couples who audition for the show.

But that doesn't mean that production doesn't have their finger on the scale at times.

They have the usual tricks of smart casting, of editing, of asking question and getting stars to repeat lines.

Sometimes, that's just what you need to make the show.

Other times, the results are just plain dishonest.

Have a look at some of the most inauthentic incidents in the franchise's history.

1.David and Annie Toborowsky: The Massage Question

2.What we saw …

3.So what is the truth?

4."Baby Girl" Lisa Hamme's N-Word Scandal

5.What we saw …

6.So what is the truth?

7.The good news is …

8.Deavan Clegg's Blow-Up at Jihoon Lee

9.What we saw …

10.So what is the truth?

11.It's upsetting to think about

12.Stephanie Davison's Belize trip to see Ryan Carr

13.The breakup was real

14.The anger was real

15.In summary

16.So what is the truth?


18.So was the relationship fake? No

19.Whatever happened to Geoffrey Paschel?

20.So what is the truth?

21.Some signs were apparent on the show

22.Colt Johnson: Just a Mama's Boy Weirdo Looking for Love?

23.I mean, things are definitely dysfunctional

24.What is the truth?

25.Colt is the architect of his own relationship struggles

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