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I’m a play therapist and here's five things I NEVER do with my kids – time-outs are a no-no, they make things worse | The Sun

IF you are a parent and want some advice on ways to raise your children, you’ve come to the right place. Child therapist Jeanette Razo-González, known on TikTok as ‘littlestepsgiantleaps’ regularly shares her parent-child relationship tips to social media. Recently, she took to the video sharing platform to share her

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I’m plus size and am accused of wearing ‘inappropriate’ outfits – I don’t get it, everything’s covered that should be | The Sun

SHE'S a plus size body positivity advocate, who frequently takes to social media to show off her fashion-forward looks. But Ella Donnelly frequently finds herself attracting rude comments from trolls, many of whom insist that her ensembles are "inappropriate". Ella recently posted a video on TikTok from a year ago,

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