You want to be confident: Bridal makeup tips from the Royals favourite MUA

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As the Royal Family’s favourite makeup artist, Hannah Martin has the perfect tips on how to perfect your wedding makeup. With coronavirus restrictions no longer limiting wedding services, brides will now be eager to plan for their big day, which of course includes their makeup. World-class makeup artist Hannah Martin is widely regarded as royalty within the beauty industry.

She was behind Princess Eugenie’s wedding day glow and she also lent the Duchess of Cambridge a helping hand with some makeup lessons ahead of her wedding day in 2011.

Hannah has also worked with Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton.

Her YouTube channel and Instagram are full of makeup tips, hacks and insider intel.

Hannah spoke exclusively to on which brands to choose, how to apply your makeup, and what to expect on your big day.

Princess Diana’s niece, Lady Kitty Spencer, was one of the most recent royals to get married when she tied the knot in Italy in July.

Hannah offered some advice on how to achieve the same glowing makeup look displayed by Lady Kitty on her big day.

She said: “Nothing says bridal makeup to me more than that radiant glowing skin.

“At first glance a bride wants their guests to be blown away by how happy and healthy they look and this can be easily achieved with makeup, balancing the need for coverage for a flawless finish and not overdoing it.

“With my brides, I prefer to start with a lighter base, usually MAC face and body and then layer coverage with foundation or concealer on top where necessary.

“Then the addition of very light layers of cream-based products that I then set with powder for a light but long-wearing finish.

“Add some subtle highlight – I love the Westman Atelier Peau De Rose, to the top of the cheek and you’ll glow.

“Just keep the highlighter to a few key points like the top of the cheek and maybe the bridge of the nose-too much highlight and you could look overly shiny.”

The ‘royal glow’ is something which the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Eugenie, and Lady Kitty all certainly exuded.

There are certain makeup trends, according to Hannah, which can help you achieve this royal glow.

She said: “A flush of rosy colour on the lips and cheeks is a bridal trend that will never date as it helps everyone look fresh, no matter your skin tone.

“I also swear by subtle smokey eyes for my brides using really soft bronze tones as it never fails to create a really romantic makeup look that thanks to there being no hard lines, just lots of blended, seamless shadow, is ultimately totally timeless.”

Hannah offered some key tips for brides trying to recreate that glowing look for their big day.

She added: “If you’re hoping to create a glow for your wedding day be sure to practice with products before the big day – you don’t want to buy something that could potentially be too wet if a foundation, too metallic if a powder, or too emollient based if a cream.

“Be sure to try a few products and then settle with the ones that suit your skin and wear best.

“Use setting powders to keep your makeup in place but maybe try moisturising ones like ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder or Shiseido Synchro Skin that will keep hydrating your skin whilst locking your makeup in place.

“Keep the areas of glow to a minimum so they really stand out. Be sure to mattify any areas where glow can translate as perspiration like above the eyebrows, between the brows and around the nose and chin.

“Ultimately, you want to be as confident as possible on your wedding day and that includes letting your smile shine through, I recommend using Colgate’s new Elixir White Restore toothpaste to give your smile that extra dazzle on your special day.”

Hannah Martin is involved with Colgate’s Beauty Reimagined campaign, saying, “I loved what Colgate is doing with the Beauty Reimagined campaign.

“I also really love the Elixir range, I care so much about what I use to feed and nourish my skin and the products I put on my face so why not look for a toothpaste that will have similar benefits for my mouth.”

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