You can get a 5 litre keg of pornstar or espresso martini delivered to your door and the price per drink is just £3

WITH pubs and bars shut for the foreseeable future, a well-made cocktail may seem like a far flung dream right now.

But Amazon is selling 5 litre kegs of pornstar or espresso martini – and they'll deliver them to your door.

  • Pornstar martini 5 litre self-tapped keg, £101, Amazon – buy here

That's right, your ideal weekend tipple can be sent to you in the post – and it works out at just over £3 a drink.

Made by the heroes at Giraffe Cocktail, these ready-mixed cocktails are sure to inject some much needed excitement into your Saturday night.

Containing 35 servings of espresso martini or 31 of the passionfruit cocktail, the kegs contain premium vodka but only last for three weeks – so are ideal for those self-isolating with friends or a partner.

The pornstar martini keg costs £101 – or £3.25 per drink – while the espresso martini one is £112 – working out as £3.20 per tipple.

  • Espresso martini 5 litre self-tapped keg, £112, Amazon – buy here

With passionfruit martini named Britain's favourite cocktail and the espresso version perfect for coffee lovers, we're sure you'd be the envy of all your mates on your next House Party video chat.

The espresso tipple is described as: "A perfect present for all coffee lovers… a perfect size keg for fridge.

"Rich blend of coffee cocktail finished with premium vodka. A cold brew espresso, very strong-tasting that harmonises delightfully with the sweet liqueur."

While the passionfruit one boasts: "This premium small batch cocktail has exotic aromas of passionfruit with a unique twist of fresh pineapple.

"The taste of exotic fruits and finished perfectly with vanilla vodka."

If cocktails aren't your thing, here are eight more boozy delivery services you can call during lockdown.

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