Wrap Tops Are Your Easy Summer Top Solution

Wrap Tops Are Your Easy Summer Top Solution

Is it just us, or have summer tops gotten way more complicated than they need to be in recent years? Unless you’re content to just wear an oversize tee every day (which, don’t get us wrong, we love as much as the next person), the options for cute summer tops that aren’t going to have you melting within five minutes are few and far between.

Most of the popular shirt styles that flood Instagram feeds these days are some confusing, impractical variation of scarf or bandana. Trust us, you’re not alone if you’ve received a tiny, sheer rectangle of printed fabric in the mail after buying a totally adorable ’70s-inspired halter top online. And while those daring shirts can definitely be stylish when worn properly, we don’t want to have to watch a YouTube video just to know how to get dressed in the morning.

Enter: the wrap top. Wrap tops have all the playfulness of a scarf top with a bit more comfort and coverage. More often than not, they can be adjusted with a tie belt to perfectly contour to your body shape, creating a super-flattering effect. Aside from the central feature of a crisscross bodice flowing from a cinched waist, wrap tops come in all different silhouettes, colors, and fabrics — choose between a fitted athleisure look or a bold, statement-making style.

We rounded up some of the best wrap tops available now, so you don’t have to struggle over your summer shirt collection anymore.

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