Woman's request for stunning balayage goes horribly wrong as hairdresser bleaches entire head

A woman shared the disastrous results of her trip to the hairdressers after the stylist bleached her entire head.

The TikToker, who users the name madisonwallerrr, uploaded the shocking results of her styling appointment to the social media platform.

In the short clip she showed a picture of her hair before the treatment, with long flowing locks in a blonde/brown colour.

She then displayed the style she had asked for, a model picture with stunning balayage with gorgeous sun-kissed highlights at the front.

Finally she showed a picture of what she ended up with – a shocking yellow/blonde colour all over her head.

She uploaded the video with the caption: "It’s been 8 months and my hair still falls out by the chunks."

Fellow TikTok users were appalled by the results.

One said: "I wouldn't have even left the salon until it was either fixed ot I got a refund. I'm so sorry girl."

Another agreed: "I have absolutely no experience in hair and I could've done better than this."

A third said: "Your hair was literally a perfect canvas for what you wanted… how did [she] eff it up that bad?"

While another added: "Chairs would have been thrown into mirrors. No lie."

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