Woman shows how you’re actually meant to use ice cube bags and it’s blowing people’s minds

ICE CUBE bags are a handy way of avoiding fiddly ice trays, however, you’ve probably been using them wrong.

A new viral video has revealed howyou should really be using the plastic ice bags, and it will blow your mind.

In the clip, shared by NETfixe, a woman is seen holding a full ice cube bag, with all of the segments frozen.

However, rather than prising each cube out individually she simply stretched the bag outwards, both vertically and horizontally.

In doing so the bag forms a sack shape and releases all of the cubes into the bottom, ready to use.

The video has amassed more than 5.5 million views and 21,000 comments from people who wished they had known the trick sooner.

Commenting on the video one wrote: “Well I never!! 52 and I've clearly led a sheltered life…I want a go at this now I know!!

Agreeing a second added: “Wow! The times we have struggled.”

And a third commented: “I’ve been doing it wrong all my life.”

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