Woman removed fake tan from her boyfriend’s favourite Ralph Lauren shorts using washing up liquid and elbow grease

IF YOU'RE an avid fake tan user, you'll be well aware of the destruction it causes if it comes in contact with anything other than our bodies, as it's intended. 

So when one woman discovered that her boyfriend had unknowingly thrown his Ralph Lauren shorts on top of her used tanning mitt, she was horrified to learn they'd become incredibly stained from the tanning product.

The night before she had applied the popular St Moriz tan using the mitt and placed it on the radiator when she'd finished.

But desperate to find a way to remove the stains before her other half discovered his designer shorts had been ruined,  she called on other members of the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook group in a bid to find a solution.

Posting a photo of the stained shorts, she said: "HELP BEFORE I GET MURDERED!

"Boyfriend put his swimming trunks on radiator under my take tan mitt and they’ve now stained. What can I do to get the fake tan out?"

After enlisting the help of the group members, many offered their tried and tested stain removing methods.

People suggest various products including vanish, lemon and bicarb and even hand sanitiser which often works to remove unwanted tan marks.

But after many suggested she try Fairy washing up liquid and the popular elbow grease, the distressed Hinch fan thought to give it a ago.

Eager to find out how it went, many group members asked if the unlikely cleaning products did the trick.

The woman later shared a picture-in-progress which revealed the stains had almost completely vanished.

Revealing she'd first used elbow grease on the stains, she said: "I might live to see another day it’s coming out just hoping the slight pink don’t stay"

But far from over, the determined girlfriend was eager to remove even the slightest pink stains so applied a generous amount of Fairy washing up liquid to the remaining colour.

She then scrubbed the stains with hot water and threw them in the wash to remove any residue.

Two washes down and a lot of scrubbing, the woman revealed that "the fairy liquid seemed to have worked wonders and the stain has faded loads".

She added: " still noticeable but not as bad, so hoping next wash or so it’ll be gone!"

And so are we, because this process sounded extremely strenuous.

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