Woman gets ultimate revenge on her fiancé when his boss sends him a pic of the package which arrived on his day off

PLAYING pranks on friends and family are always guaranteed a laugh, but one girlfriend took it to the next level with her hilarious delivery prank.

Boasting about her pranking success on a Facebook group, Jodie details just how she managed to fool her unsuspecting fiancé.

In an ensuing prank war between the couple, she explains how on this particular day her partner was on his day off from work.

The partner received a message from his boss, saying: “Hi mate you’ve got mail please see photo attached.”

Her partner received the shock of a lifetime – leaving him mortified.

The photo showed a fake letter from the NHS with chlamydia test results inside – along with a list of chlamydia symptoms.

The woman said that she got this joke test posted to his work and that everyone in the office had seen it.

Her outrageous prank left Facebook in stitches, racking up over 4,300 likes and hundreds of comments.

Some people pointed out the glaring spelling mistake, which they claim would have given the game away almost instantly: “DO NOT DISGARD FOLLOW UP TREATMENT REQUIRED.”

One member wrote: “My husband would actually never speak to me again…”

Another commented: “Not all heroes wear capes. Can I erm…get the link for this.”

A third said: “Omg that’s so cruel.”

It prompted other group members to post some of the pranks they have played on their friends – or when they have been on the receiving end of them.

One woman said that her friend had sent her wax melts, but the package read: “Sniffr.co.uk, worn panties at competitive prices #CreamyLacedDreamies.”

Others shared pictures of the hilarious pranks they received in the post, including sex toys and stink bombs.

The author of the post said she’d be keeping the group updated on how the prank war escalates – hopefully with hilarious consequences.

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