Woman finds a secret tool hidden inside Mrs Hinch’s favourite Shark hoover and cleaning fanatics are stunned

CLEANING fanatics have been left baffled after a woman discovered a secret tool hidden inside the Shark Duo Clean hoover which helps to successfully remove stubborn hair and dirt trapped inside.  

This particular hoover is a popular choice for many, including Mrs Hinch who often raves about the amazing results of the quality gadget.

Sharing a snap of the mystery tool in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, the woman said: "Anyone with the shark duo clean, we just found this hair removal tool under the roller cover! So much easier, can’t believe we didn’t know it was there all this time."

The tool she's referring to is the hair removal tool for DuoClean floorheads and has a handy pointed edge on one side with a small brush on the other.

It's purpose is to help remove the hair and fluff that's wrapped around the inside of the hoover after use, and people can't believe they didn't know it existed.

After the discovery, many took to their own hoovers to check if their version of the hoover had it too.

Many were stoked to learn they had it, while others shared their disappointment in realising their hoover model didn't.

To access the tool, there are two grey buttons that will allow you to take the cover off the head of the hoover.

And in there sits the mystery tool that will allow you to clean the inside with ease.

Before now, many revealed they normally use scissors to cut the hair that's wrapped around the brush roll.

"Omg!! Months I've wasted using the scissors cutting hair wrapped round the roll," one person exclaimed.

While another said: "My 4 year old daughter found mine for me. I had no clue it was there either."

The post has racked up over 3k likes and thousands more comments from Shark owners desperate to find out if they too have the secret tool.

But don't fret if you don't have one because you can purchase the tool separately from the Shark website for just £4.99

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