Why I'm celebrating Christmas naked and YOU should too… but beware the spiky tinsel

WITH only a string of sparkly tinsel covering her modesty, Jodie Weston decorates her Christmas tree in the buff – while dodging its needles.

The 27-year-old DJ, who has embraced nudity during lockdown, plans to shed her clothes again this Christmas Day – and she reckons you should too.

"I usually open my presents naked because that’s how I sleep and I get all excited on Christmas morning and want to see what’s hidden under the tree…. maybe some clothes!" Jodie, from London, tells The Sun Online.

"I think you have to brighten the day any way possible at the moment, so I'd advise other people to give it a go – life is short – and have fun!"

Getting nude to boost her mood

Jodie, who starred on 5Star's Rich Kids Go Skint, has been regularly hoovering and making brunch in the nude during the Covid pandemic.

"I walk around nude for a few hours every day after I get up," she says.

"I need to brighten my day somehow in this gloomy time!

"I live alone but often my mum or one of my friends will come to stay – not in lockdown, of course – and my mum in particular is always telling me to put some clothes on in case the neighbours see me through the blinds!"

Decorating in the buff

And with Christmas approaching, Jodie recently decided to embrace the nudist lifestyle even more – by baring all to hang up her festive decorations.

"I was curious to see what it would be like to live as a nudist," she tells us.

"So I thought what better way of experiencing it than getting into the Christmas spirit and decorating the tree with just a bit of tinsel on."

The worst part was the tinsel kept failing to hold my boobs in place

She adds: "I was cosy because I had some Christmas music in the background and the heating on. I had my hat on to warm me up!"

Yet she warns fellow nudists to cover up their private parts wisely, admitting: "It was a bit uncomfortable as tinsel has a harsh, spiky texture.

"But the worst part was the tinsel kept failing to hold my boobs in place."

Luxury holidays, £5k bags & a £20k birthday bash

Jodie – also a Flex FM radio presenter and Instagram influencer who boasts 100,000 followers – enjoyed a pampered upbringing in the Midlands.

"I had a 16th birthday party which cost my mum £20,000," she recalls.

"I was a member at a spa hotel, went to private school from three to 18 years old and used to get driven to school every day in a Maserati."

She adds of her family home: "We had a Jacuzzi in the garden."

The young woman was also no stranger to designer bags, pricey jewellery and luxury holidays – splashing out £15,000 on one getaway to America.

She counted £5,000 Dior handbags and £1,500 Cartier rings among her accessories, while her parents helped to fund her £400-a-week apartment.

From TV appearance to vile trolling

During her appearance on Rich Kids Go Skint in 2018, Jodie swapped her lavish lifestyle and posh pad to live with a struggling single mum-of-two.

For the first time ever, she had to wash up dishes, chop an onion, use public transport, and deal with the challenges of living off a £3-a-day budget.

She later came under fire from vile trolls after claiming her host had a series of "bad decisions" to blame for her cash-strapped circumstances.

I’m not a horrible person, and just because I’ve lived in nice places doesn’t mean my life has been a bed of roses

But Jodie insists today: "I’m not a horrible person, and just because I’ve lived in nice places doesn’t mean my life has been a bed of roses.

"At times it is hard to deal with the trolling especially if you’re having a bad day already and you see nasty comments under your pictures telling you how horrendous you are and insulting your appearance, knowing that you have to go through and delete them and block the user.

"I think people need to learn that you can’t possibly know someone’s personality inside out in just a 50-minute-long programme.

"There is a lot more to me than that!"

At the time of her telly appearance, Jodie was helping to run her family's salon business, Muse of London – but she's since taken a step back.

"I wanted to create a career for myself that no-one can ever say they helped me with or funded," says Jodie, who boasts a £2,500 cosmetics collection.

"I do still help with the salon but it’s more of a backseat role now!"

Life during the pandemic

Since the pandemic began, the influencer – who dreams of being Britain's biggest female house DJ – admits her income has been "quite low".

"My main source of income prior to the lockdown was in events," she says.

"Obviously, that has all pretty much been put on hold since March! I do get some other income here and there but it has been a big change!"

However, she's splashed some of her savings on makeup, hair extensions and hotel rooms by the seaside- where she pretends she's "on holiday".

"The hotel trips have probably been my biggest splurges this year!" she says, adding that she only takes them when Covid rules are relaxed.

Jodie – who is currently single but has been sent dozens of creepy 'd**k pics' in recent months – had a huge splurge on makeup back in March, too.

She previously admitted forking out £1,000 on beauty products when the first lockdown was announced so she could still undergo treatments.

"I splashed out £1,000 online, including a £260 home laser machine, £250 on makeup, a £150 tanning mousse and £300 on DIY hair extensions," she said.

“If you start letting yourself go, you start feeling down, so I was determined to stay looking as good as possible."

'I've spent 9 months naked, in a bikini and in loungewear'

Yet the past nine months have "put things in perspective" for the model.

"I used to always be worrying about what to wear on nights out in bars, clubs or events, and how to dress for work," she says.

"But although I still want my hair, makeup and nails to look glam, I’ve spent the last nine months either naked in my home, in a bikini sunbathing in my garden or in loungewear.

"So I’ve spent plenty of time at one with my body, and with life!"


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Jodie – who moved into a "pretty cottage" in Beckenham, London, this summer – now spends her mornings strolling around her pad in the nude.

She has also kept busy by presenting her radio show, 'The Dollhouse Show', producing a few house tracks and creating a '12 Months Of Jodie' calendar.

"[I've also] become quite a good cocktail-making connoisseur!" she adds.

'Super sexy' Xmas gift list

Once the pandemic is over, Jodie – who has DJ'ed at top London clubs like Mahiki – hopes to perform across the world and have a "happy, fun life".

But in the meantime, what gifts does the music-loving former 'rich kid' hope to open this Christmas Day, while dressed in her birthday suit?

"I’ve asked for some gorgeous vinyl thigh-high boots because I think they are super sexy!" she says. "Maybe I can wear them with nothing else on!"

She could also team the boots with a sparkling new accessory.

"I’ve also asked for a yellow diamond ring because diamonds are a girl’s best friend," says Jodie, who already has a £15,000 diamond necklace.

"I haven't picked a specific one because then it won't be a surprise."

  • You can find Jodie on Instagram at @missjodieweston

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