We gave our daughter a unique religious name – people say it's 'atrocious' and worse than Jessa Duggar's son Spurgeon | The Sun

TWO parents have been slammed for their daughter's religious name choice.

People found the choice atrocious, saying it was worse than Jess Duggar's son's title — "Spurgeon."

Reddit user HiddnVallyofthedolls published a screenshot of the parents' name announcement.

The post featured the daughter on her ninth birthday.

Her parents detailed the story of her birth below the little girl, wishing her well.

"Happy ninth birthday, dear," the caption read.

Underneath, the parents revealed her name: "Heistheway!"

Reddit users clarified the meaning behind it and its religious connection.

They said the parents were Christian bloggers, and the name is a mashed-together version of the phrase "He is the way."

Viewers couldn't believe two parents would ever legally give their daughter that title.

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A harsh individual wrote: "The name combo is atrocious and doesn't even flow together."

"'Heist – eh – way'', like an action film," one humorous person joked.

One Reddit user didn't find the moniker funny at all.

They commented: "This is the worst thing I have ever seen."

"Oh darn, I thought her name was Precious at first," an honest commenter proclaimed.

"She really has the worst fundie name, followed by 'Spurgeon' and 'Newman,'" another appalled individual said.

A shocked Reddit user had nothing else to say but," Oh no. No, no, no, no, no."

Other people thought the fact that her parents were posting her birth story when she turned nine was worse than her name.

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