Want to Master Sporty-Chic? White Sweatpants Are the Name of the Game

How to Wear White Sweatpants

I’ve never thought to buy white sweatpants, simply figuring I’m in my most relaxed state when I’m wearing joggers. It’s likely that I’ll be significantly more messy while lounging at home eating fistfuls of dry granola from the bag, right? Most of my white clothes are just begging for stains, so white sweats? IDK . . . I needed some convincing at first. But with the way I’ve been seeing white sweats soar to the top of the market — Skims offers the terry cloth three-piece coord so many influencers are fans of, and Cotton Citizen’s perfect pairings are incredibly sophisticated with smartly placed pockets — I’m starting to get the appeal.

Outfits that revolve around white sweats are chic and clean. They kind of require you to be a little bit more thoughtful — not only about how you style your pants, but about what you do when you’re wearing them. I love the way a tapered ankle silhouette looks with a ribbed white sock and ’90s mom sneakers, and I also think there’s something so Rachel Green about sporting a low-slung style, perhaps rolled at the waist a couple times, with a thin ribbed tank top. Even though I may need to be a bit more careful while snacking, I decided the cute outfit options are worth the extra caution when it comes to white sweats.

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