Viral Dancer Always Wet Boy and Padotagi Prepare "I Always Dance for Her" Release

After taking the social media world by storm, viral dancer Always Wet Boy (@gagjinbeom) is now preparing for special release in collaboration with Seoul-based label Padotagi.

The beloved figure quickly became known for dramatic videos of himself powerfully dancing in front of a lost lover’s home set to Ne-Yo‘s “So Sick” and Ray J‘s “One Wish.” Known as Namolla_Jinbeom in South Korea, the social media sensation is actually a member of the popular comedic troop, Namolla Family.

Exclusively dropping at HEIGHTS., the “I Always Dance for Her” T-Shirt builds on Always Wet Boy’s ’90s fascination with classic a rap tee graphic design. Reminiscent of R&B album covers of the past, the evocative design comes complete with raindrop accents and the phrase “한 방울, 두 방울…/눈물이 뚝뚝… (one drop, two drops…/tears rolling down…).”

The Always Wet Boy (@gagjinbeom) x Padotagi “I Always Dance for Her” Rap T-Shirt will be available exclusively at HEIGHTS. online and in-store August 14, 12 p.m. KST.

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made a new event T-shirt for her but she didn’t accept it either. . . . Anyone you need, get in here. My Profile Link & info @heightsseoul

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Always Wet Boy x Padotagi ? Always Wet Boy (@gagjinbeom)과 파도타기가 협업한 티셔츠 “I Always Dance for Her”, 8월 14일 하이츠 온라인스토어에서 발매됩니다. 2020. 08. 14(금) 오후 12:00 구매&정보 @heightsseoul ?구매 링크 프로필 참조? – @gagjinbeom x RAP TEE “I Always Dance for Her” release tomorrow at Heights. Online info @heightsseoul ?There is a place to buy on the profile? 2020.08.14 / 12PM (KST) ✈️ Worldwide Shipping

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