Ultimate lockdown sex survey reveals 59% of you have done it in the lounge and nearly HALF have used sex toys – The Sun

WORKOUT king Joe Wicks has special weekly aerobics sessions – and The Sun can reveal he’s not the only one.

Our exclusive poll shows horny Brits have been making the most of their lockdown time together, with 16 per cent having more sex since restrictions were introduced eight weeks ago.

And we are getting more adventurous too — with 59 per cent taking the action into the lounge.

Fitness guru Joe, who has been holding online PE sessions during lockdown, yesterday revealed he and wife Rosie Jones make sure they have weekly sex sessions to keep the spark alive.

Joe, 33, who has two young children with former Page 3 model Rosie, 29, said: “Time is so disrupted, it’s almost like you’ve got to crowbar intimacy into your week.

“One night a week, if you can, go to bed earlier. It allows you to have that time to talk. You’ve got to get warmed up some-times, you can’t just jump straight into things.”

But how often has the average couple been doing it during lockdown?

We found 16 per cent say they are having sex more often — with one in 14 doing it FIVE TIMES A WEEK or more.

The most common reasons given for the extra love-making are spending more time together, feeling more appreciative of each other and being unable to do other social activities.

After that, more than a third put it down to feeling more attracted to each other.

Thirty per cent say it is because they are less stressed than normal.

Nearly one in six of those polled say their love making has become more adventurous since we were told to stay home on March 23.

Of those, 47 per cent report using sex toys, while 45 per cent have been acting out role play.

Online searches for couples’ sex toys have rocketed by 900 per cent, according to leading provider Ann Summers.

Searches for sexy costumes have also increased, with the brand’s Tuxedo Bunny outfit being the most popular, followed by the Hospital Hottie Nurse.

An Ann Summers spokesman said: “Throughout the lockdown period we have noted an interesting demand in couple and role-play products from customers looking for ways to excite and surprise their partners.

“In hard times it’s positive to see that our customers are still seeking pleasure and intimacy, turning to fun ways to improve the quality of their sex life, or simply for something special to put a smile on their partner’s face.”

Of the 2,000 people surveyed by OnePoll for The Sun, one in seven say being confined to the home with their other half has led to sex in different parts of the house to usual.


The lounge is named as the favourite new place, followed by the bathroom, kitchen and stairs.

Nearly a third of those have got frisky in the garden, maybe taking advantage of the good weather.

And one in ten of those polled overall have got frisky outside other than in their garden — which is one way to spend your daily exercise.

Nearly 30 per cent of us are feeling more affectionate towards our partners and almost one in five say their relationship has improved.

‘Escape with saucy role play’

STRESS triggered by the pandemic is not exactly an aphrodisiac, but getting frisky has its benefits, writes Alix Fox script consultant for Netflix series Sex Education and Superdrug’s sex and relationships expert.

Being intimate with a partner can be a great source of comfort during trying times and also offers much-needed entertainment and escapism.

If you’re sick of being cooped up in the same place, saucy role play gives you an opportunity to pretend you’re somewhere else (and maybe even with someone else!).

Start by picking a familiar scenario where one person is naturally in charge.

You could be a servant tending to the every need of a king or queen, or a photographer directing a model in a photoshoot. Or maybe you’re a waiter serving a demanding customer in a fancy restaurant, which gives you the chance to feed each other sexy snacks and take the action into the kitchen.

Or one of you is the estate agent trying to sell the house to a customer who wants the erotic potential of every room and piece of furniture pointed out.

Why not try a bedtime story for adults? Pick an erotic book and take turns to read out a few pages at night.

Or listen to audio erotica from apps like Dipsea or websites such as BawdyStorytelling.com.

It’s an easy, low-energy way to draw a line between your “parenting/working day” and your “adult evening time”.

Of the couples who moved in together because of lockdown, nearly three-quarters say cohabiting has improved their relationship.

For those still living apart and unable to physically be together, 17 per cent say they have tried sending saucy messages for the first time.

Just under 15 per cent have experimented with sexy video sessions for the first time, and 13 per cent are having video chats three or more times a week.

But it is not good news for all couples.

Just under 20 per cent of those polled say they are having less sex under lockdown.

Worries over money and the pressures of home-schooling, along with health concerns, have played a part in dampening passion.

And in more bad news, 16 per cent have found that being in such close contact with their significant other has actually made them want to ditch them.

Seven per cent say they have been thinking about splitting up “a great deal” and nine per cent say they have been considering it “somewhat” during lockdown.

‘God knows what neighbours think’

MAKE-UP artist Michelle Court, 36, gave birth five months ago and moved in with her partner Stephen Hilburn, 34, a mechanic, in Rochford, Essex, at the start of lockdown. She says:

“I HAD no idea Stephen had such a dirty mind until we moved in together. I’ve seen a completely new side to him.

“Being together 24/7 has made us talk more and open up about our deepest fantasies.

“We’re trying kinky things we’ve never done before, like blindfolding, tying one another up and role play. It’s crazy.

“Our sex life was nearly non-existent after having our baby but now we can’t keep our hands off each other. Every time our son is napping we are at it like naughty teenagers, sometimes having sex up to four times a day.

“In the past we’d have sex in bed at night, but now we’re doing it at different times of the day and in different rooms.

“We’ve had more sex in lockdown than we’ve had in the three years we’ve been together. God knows what our neighbours must think.

“While we are both worried about our finances, lockdown has reinvigorated our love life.

“If truth be told, it’s the best thing to ever have happened to us.

“What’s more, all the sexercise has helped me shift a stone of baby weight.”

‘We’ve got our va va voom back’

MUM-OF-TWO Emma Baxter, 28, a personal trainer, and her partner Luke Gore, 31, a sales assistant, from Manchester, say their sex life has gone into overdrive. Emma says:

“We’ve always enjoyed adventurous and spontaneous sex but after 11 years together and two kids our love life started to suffer and we were barely having any at all.

“Like most couples who have been together for years and have young kids, we felt too exhausted to even kiss, let alone do anything else.

“But now we are having sex almost every day. Once the kids are tucked up in bed it’s “adult time” and we switch off the lights and turn each other on. I never imagined lockdown would have such a positive effect on our libido, but it’s reignited our spark and brought us closer together – in and out of the bedroom.

“We are both making a lot more effort for one another and appreciating each other more.

“I thought being cooped up in the house would send us stir crazy, but it’s just sent our sex life into overdrive. For years we were coasting along, but now we’ve finally got our va va voom back.

“While we miss our family and friends, we’ve never been stronger and our love life has never been better.

“We don’t want the lust in lockdown to end.”

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