‘Trashy’ woman slammed for putting a nicotine patch on her man at night so he becomes ‘addicted’ to being with her

A WOMAN has horrified the web after claiming she puts nicotine patches on her boyfriend so he becomes ‘addicted’ to being with her.

Taking to Instagram, the woman shared a post where she claimed that she puts the patch, used to help smokers quit, on her man while he’s asleep.

Captioning the post she wrote: “When you put a nicotine patch on him every night when he sleeps w you so he has withdrawals when you’re not together and he becomes addicted to hanging out with you (sic).”

She added: "He already has a nicotine addiction."

Her post has since been shared on Reddit where it has left people horrified, sharing their outrage in the comments.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “Omg. Nicotine patches at night cause nightmares!!!”

“Oh hell no she's evil 🤣,” wrote another, while a third added, “Makes me never want to let someone in my life again. So disturbing.”

Meanwhile others suggested that she might be joking.

One wrote: “I wonder how many of these posts are just edgy jokes that have been taken too seriously. Seems too far fetched to be real.”

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