Thrifty mum dyes her boring white footstool pink in the bath to match her living room & people are desperate to copy her

A THRIFTY mum decided to dye her ottoman pink to match the rest of her living room – and she did it in her bathtub. 

The mum went on a DIY spree, sewing together rugs to make a cosy cushion and transforming her boring, white ottoman. 

She picked up two packets of pink RIT dye, which you can get for less than £5 on Amazon, and managed to create an incredible pattern with different shades of pink. 

The mum, from Australia, shared her method to Facebook group Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia, showing before-and-after snaps. 

She said: The square ottoman also from Kmart, but I dyed it with RIT dye. 

“Can't wait for my new massive fluffy rug to arrive to put it all together.

“[Love] everyone's hack idea, keep them coming.” 

Her projects racked up more than 700 likes, as she explained in detail how she dyed the footstool while sharing snaps of her new matching pink furniture. 

She said: “Put the whole thing in bath, cover does not come off.

“Just keep turning it in shallow bath until completely soaked.

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“We have a big bucket we put under it to carry outside. Hold over bath till majority stops dripping.

“Drain and clean bath straight away. Take indoor clothes line outside and let it dry on that, keep turning every few hours.”

And she revealed that the colour variation was simply where the dye hadn’t taken as well.

She said: “Those parts didn't take to the dye as good… they went light pink whilst the rest dark…”

Some mums were worried about staining their bathtub, but the Aussie confirmed her tub was spotless after the dye job. 

She added: “It didn't stain it but I rinsed it and cleaned it straight away. Was prob in there for no more than 10 minutes.”

Dozens of people have praised her skills, with one person saying: “What a great idea.”

Another wrote: “That pouffe looks amazing.”

A third commented: “What a fantastic idea looks great.”

While this person said: “Well done! What a great idea. Looks fab.”

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