The cheap DIY hacks which add thousands to your home – and why ditching wallpaper and picking the right paint is key

IF YOU'RE looking at sprucing up your home, but don't have the money to do so, then take note – because there are ways of doing it without breaking the bank. 

Experts have revealed the minor improvements you can make to your home which could see thousands added to the value of your property – and the good news is that most jobs are easy enough for anyone to do themselves.

Our time in lockdown has proven to be the perfect time to get to work on all the neglected household duties, with many taking the spare time to spruce up their gardens or freshen up their interiors.

In fact, a recent survey by online marketplace  has revealed that a whopping 61% of Brits have started a home DIY project during the coronavirus lockdown, with more than half the participants choosing the time to paint their walls.

Bedrooms appear to be the most popular room Brits are making over,  followed by living rooms, kitchens and then bathrooms.

What's more, a third of Brits are using the warmer weather to landscape their garden, while 13% of those are upcycling old furniture to create incredible new pieces.

In light of the results, and the growing interest in home projects, DIY experts have revealed the top hacks homeowners can use to add an estimated value of 6k to their property.

DIY top tips

  1. Slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls and doors
  2. Update windows – inside and out
  3. Keep the kitchen fresh – including the colour pallete and door handles
  4. Update tiles throughout the home – by painting them
  5. Remove all wallpaper and paint instead
  6. Add low-maintenance features to the garden

1.Remove wallpaper and paint instead

Some might argue that wallpaper is all the rage again, but according to the experts, a feature wall with wallpaper is SO fifteen years ago.

In fact, modern aesthetics has changed to favour painted feature walls, mostly because wallpaper is a hassle to apply and strip if you change your mind.

Bold colours on one wall in a bedroom or living room adds personality with minimal effort – and besides, if you don't like it, you could always paint over it again.

2. Slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls (and your front door)

It's a good thing that Brits are spending their time in lockdown giving their interiors a fresh coat of paint, because experts reveal its one of the most effective, yet simple things homeowners can do  – and will make the property look and feel brand new.

But they advise shoosing neutral shades that can be easily moulded to fit with a homeowner’s tastes – just in case you do decide to sell later on.

As for the front door,  it's often the first thing people see when entering your home, so it should also be regularly repainted.

3. Update interior and exterior windowsills

While we're on the topic of painting, a fresh coat of paint on your windowsills will go a long way – but ALWAYS choose light neutral colours. By doing so, you''ll instantly open up the space making your  it more inviting.

Many homes still display wooden or stone exterior windowsills that are exposed to the elements so a fresh coat of paint in muted tones will tidy up the aesthetic of both the indoor and outdoor window fixtures.

4. Freshen up your kitchen

It's often said that kitchens and bathrooms make the home, so it's important to update your kitchen regularly.

But that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on a brand new fit out. Instead, you can simply paint over dark kitchen units with light neutral colours that create space.

Neutral light colours open up a room and create space, which can easily be achieved with some wood paint and a brush.

Many DIY fans are already jumping on the trend, and realising just how easy it is – take this mum who transformed her entire kitchen for less than £100 by painting absolutely everything.

5. Don't forget the cupboard door handles

While you're changing up your kitchen pallet, don't forget to swap over your cupboard handles.

This simple hack can give a dated kitchen an instant facelift simply by updating the unit handles.

According to the experts, current interior trends show bright and colourful handles against neutral cupboards that offer a bit of personality in a modern setting.

Or, if that's not you're thing, something simple and modern will do the trick – like this mum who revamped her entire kitchen for just £38 using cupboard paint and handles from eBay.

In other DIY news, a crafty mum has turned a shabby Wendy house into an amazing outdoor café for her kids for just £14.

Meanwhile, one bloke transforms an old cabinet into an epic mini bar for less than £20 with a splash of paint and LED lights.

Plus Mrs Hinch fans are turning their toilet rolls into BOWS – and they look so good you won’t want to use them.

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