Student looks like 'tin man' after fake tan fail, right before school dance

An Australian student had the misfortune of suffering a fake tan fail, the day before her school dance.

Hayley Palumbo, 19, shared on TikTok the fateful day she went in to the salon hoping for a sun-kissed glow.

Instead, she ended up looking ‘like the tin man’ as she left the premises, much darker than she thought she’d be.

Hayley shared the mishap on TikTok where viewers were left in stitches.

Some people compared the whole thing to the episode of Friends where Ross Gellar spends too long in the fake tan booth.

Others said Hayley resembled the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

Hayley confirmed that she ran home to wash it all off before the colour set it, so she probably didn’t look as dark the next day.

Some viewers also said that the pigmented look was normal after a spray tan and should disappear in some hours.

‘Bringing this back because I can’t deal,’ Hayley wrote on the video, adding that ‘My formal was the next day.’

The viral clip has now been viewed more than two million times, and plenty of viewers poked fun at the whole thing.

One person wrote: ‘That Friends episode when Ross doesn’t know which way to turn,’ while another said: ‘That’s not even brown, that’s grey.’ 

One user commented: ‘Girl, get your money back. They turned you into the Tin Man,’ while a third added: ‘Babe, you were the same colour as the fridge.’

Hayley’s friend Becky responded all the comments, saying: ‘She washed it off within the first hour… pretty much straight away and had to do a layer of Bondi Sands to get rid of the grey tones.’  

However, one person said that this was normal for a fake tan, with the colour changing after a few hours.

They wrote: ‘I guess none of you have gotten a spray tan before. You have to wait eight hours before you rinse it off and you look like that while it dries,’ one woman said.’

Read all instruction clearly before you apply fake tan or if in a salon, chat to the experts about how long to be in the booth.

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