Strongman Eddie Hall Just Got Schooled by His Wife in a Fitness Competition

Strongman Eddie Hall hasn’t let quarantine derail his training. Over the past few weeks, he’s shared his at-home lower body workout with his YouTube followers, as well as other workouts while in lockdown. And in his latest YouTube video, he’s now challenged his wife Alex Hall to a fitness challenge while in quarantine.

But first, the couple had to agree on some terms: “I’m 390 pounds, so we’re going to have 390 pound man versus wife. You’re about 62 kilos (about 136 pounds),” Hall says. “We’re going to do 4 to 5 challenges head-to-head and we’re going to make it even.”

As an extra twist, Hall decides the loser will have to do a ‘punishment’ of the winner’s choosing. The first challenge involves an overhead barbell press for reps—the first one to 30 reps wins. Alex is pressing 17.5 kilos, or just under 1/3 of her bodyweight, while Eddie does 60 kilos. Eddie takes the first challenge, hitting 30 reps in 1:15 to Alex’s 25.

The second challenge involevs planking for time, with the first to fail losing. They get into their planks, with Alex underneath Eddie, who’s elevated on two boxes. This time, Alex takes the win after Eddie stops at 1:25. “The base wasn’t solid for me,” he jokes.

The third challenge is one minute of deadlifts—whoever gets the most reps wins. They decide on doubling the weight they did for overhead presses. Eddie deadlifts 120 kilos, while Alex deadlifts 35 kilos. The result is another win for Alex, who hits 30 reps, while Eddie only hits 28.

“That two for Alex, one for me,” he says, dripping sweat, before moving to challenge number four: one minute of kettlebell swings. Eddie uses an 18 kilogram bell, while Alex uses 16 kilograms.

“Oh my God,” says Eddie, who stops after just 50 seconds, while Alex reps out the whole minute. In the end, Alex does 30 swings, while Eddie does 28. It’s another win for Alex, while Eddie wonders aloud if there’s any reason to do a fifth challenge.

At that point, Eddie reveals his punishment for Alex: She was going to have to wash his car in a bikini. Since Alex won, however, she reveals what she has in mind: “We’re going to go home, I’m going to dress you up in one of my favorite outfits, make you look all pretty, do your makeup…,” she says. But in a final twist, Eddie avoids the punishment in favor of a gift: He buys her a new cat instead.

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