StockX Enters Personal Care With Moon and Heron Preston Collab

StockX today jumped into the personal-care category with the launch of limited-edition toothpaste by Beach House Group and Kendall Jenner’s oral-care brand Moon and Heron Preston.

The product, a stain removal fluoride-free whitening paste, comes in Preston’s signature orange color and is limited to 350 units retailing for $15. The product will remain until Nov. 2 at 8 p.m. EST or until it is sold out.

“This DropX release marks our first foray into the personal-care and beauty space and we’re excited to be able to support creatives like Heron Preston and the forces behind Moon — Shaun Neff and Kendall Jenner,” said Tom Woodger, StockX’s vice president of cultural marketing, who added that this allows the company to continue to “blur the lines between retail and resale.”

Neff joined Los Angeles-based Beach House Group in 2016 and involved Jenner in the business. Together they created a teeth-whitening pen.

Preston’s partnership with Moon, like most of his projects, comes from a personal place: His mom works in dentistry.

“[She] always emphasized the importance of oral care when I was growing up,” he said. “To this day, taking care of my teeth is a top priority and I think my mom is going to be psyched when she finds out that I have my own orange toothpaste now! I’m excited to partner with Kendall, Moon and StockX for this special drop and can’t wait to see everyone’s orange smiles!”

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