Stéphane Rolland to Launch Ready-to-Wear Line in January

READY TO LOUNGE: Stéphane Rolland is bringing ready-to-wear to his namesake couture house, fresh on the heels of a handbag launch — offering silk pajama opulence as a luxury alternative to lockdown sweats.

The first collection, which will be released in January, features 11 silky looks, including caftans, tops and asymmetrical dresses, inspired by Thirties-flavored loungewear. The color palette comes in neutral ivory tones and black, as well as touches of olive green, saffron and burgundy, while silhouettes channel codes of the haute couture line and include long, flowing tops worn over palazzo pants.

Rolland’s couture pieces have been worn by Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

The designer, who has a strong following in the Middle East, recently launched a line of handbags with decorative, gold-plated hardware, ranging from satin to crocodile skin, as well as pillowy quilted leather, starting out at The Ritz in Paris.

“When you remain active, you get results,” he told WWD. “We have a lot going on, despite everything.”

The designer said the decision to enter the realm of ready-to-wear was in response to client demand.

“My clients asked me to — everyone said we like what you do so much, why don’t you do more accessible clothing — not to leave haute couture but simply to reach more people,” he added.

The current climate has complicated matters, at all stages, from deliveries to communicating about the label.

“Everything is difficult today,” he said. “But above all, what’s complex is that the market is evolving,” he added, noting it calls for a “360-degree approach.”

“It’s during these periods that you have to be active and create things,” he said.

Before the coronavirus crisis hit, the designer had relocated his headquarters from the Champs-Élysées area to the 17th arrondissement.

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