Stacey Solomon uses a coat hanger to make her bed and it’s the secret to getting a pristine duvet

MAKING the bed – especially a double or a king – is a mammoth task and is usually a two person job, and even then it’s not always perfect. 

But it turns out there’s a secret weapon to getting your duvet smooth and straight – and you’ve already got it in your bedroom. 

Stacey Solomon has revealed she uses a coat hanger to get her bedspread pristine, and it will change the way you make your bed. 

The mum-of-three shared a video to her Instagram stories, showing her making the bed for the day. 

After straightening out the sheet and the duvet, the 30-year-old takes a coat hanger and uses it to tuck the edges of the duvet cover into the bedframe. 

The hanger's thin design allows it to easily slide between the mattress and the frame, without trapping your fingers.

The result is a hotel-style finish, with all sheets and edges neatly tucked in – and you don’t need a second pair of hands. 

Sharing her tip with her 3.2 million followers, she said: “Hanger the bed.”

“Okay let’s do this before they birthday pickle wakes up. [sic].” 

The mum then finishes the bed by decoratively laying her chunky throws and blankets on top, before arranging her pillows and spraying it with a pillow mist.

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