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After indulging in ’90s minimalism for fall 2021, Sportmax fashion director Grazia Malagoli and her team jumped back of a couple of decades and explored a more intimate, domestic dimension to develop the resort 2022 collection.

The muses of the season were grandmothers, or better Glam-mas, as Malagoli defined them during an appointment at the brand’s showroom. Their homes and, more specifically their wardrobes, filled with cool staples of their heydays — ranging from Mod-style tailoring to the ’70s flared silhouettes and patterns — served as a treasure chest for granddaughters, a new generation of Sportmax girls who dusted off those vintage aesthetics to breathe a personal and contemporary second life into them.

As result, the feminine lineup was rich in bourgeoise references in the midi lengths of leather pencil skirts, dresses and sartorial coats as well as in the restrained proportions of boxy suits, which felt modern and sleek when savvily color blocked in vibrant hues of mint green, baby blue, tobacco and yellow.

Sportmax Resort 2022

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The monochromatic styles were cleverly mixed with graphics and prints more attuned to the vintage inspiration as they winked to motifs seen in retro households: upholstery-like romantic florals were printed on technical fabric in a pastel bomber jacket, paisley motifs recalled old doilies in a laced spaghetti strap dress with contrasting lining while damier patterns covering textured knitted tops and frocks mimicked terrycloth.

Accessories enhanced the effect by adding a playful touch via colorful leather gloves recalling the ones for dishwashing, flashy plastic jewelry and kitten-heeled moccasins featuring bold, squared toes.

By tempering the nostalgic sentiment with the energizing power of color, the collection resulted in a reassuring yet youthful effort filled with easy-to-approach options that today’s girls will want to stack their own wardrobes with.

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