Shontelle Sparkles Killed This Mortal Kombat-Inspired Look

If there’s one thing Shontelle Sparkles has got, it’s range. The drag queen/cosplayer/wig stylist has built quite the online presence sharing her makeup tutorials and killer looks.

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In this edition of Cosmo Queens, Shontelle combined her cosplaying background with her next-level makeup skills to churn out an out-of-this-world look.

The whole thing was inspired by the character Milena from the video game series Mortal Kombat. If you’re not already familiar with Ms. Milena, then some of the prosthetic details apart of this look may throw you for quite a spin, (but like, in a really impressed sort of way.) Let’s just say the bottom half of Shontelle’s finished face isn’t your standard everyday makeup.

She completed the ensemble with a decked-out Milena costume, and the most piercing green eye contests ever. Basically, Shontelle looked like she walked straight off the set of the HBO Max Mortal Kombat adaptation. Watch the full thing to witness how it all came together!

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