People say I catfished my husband as I put on weight after we got together – but he loves me & it's not their business

IF you ask anyone in a long-term relationship how their figure has changed since being in a couple, chances are they'll admit to putting on some weight.

After all, having a significant other basically means you have someone to slob out on the sofa with and eat junk food next to… right?

Since she matched with her husband on a dating app in 2018, TikTok star Kate – who has a joint account with partner Andrew – has gained over 90lbs.

Earlier this week, Kate took part in the TikTok trend where wives have been sharing what they looked like when they first met their husbands in comparison to now.

In the old photos where Kate is six and a half stone lighter, she is pictured in a series of strappy dresses and has her arms around her future firefighter husband.

The video then jumps to a clip of Andrew tucking into a corn on the cob before Kate jumps into view wearing a form-fitting pair of trousers and matching bikini top.

She captioned the viral video: "Hopping on this trend.. friendly reminder charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, don't settle for less than true love!"

Since posting the harmless video two days ago, it's already racked up over 5.9m views – and while the majority of comments were positive, some users accused Kate of "Catfishing" her husband.

Hitting back at trolls in a follow-up video, Kate said: "People are acting like it's my goal to be overweight and Catfish my husband.

"No – my goal is to be happy and confident no matter what I see in the mirror.

"Obviously my husband and I are completely in love and he thinks I'm beautiful – but we don't need to explain this to the internet."

Andrew also weighed in on the matter in another video and told their 24,5000 followers that he's incredibly happy in their marriage.

He said: "Guys, I'm so happy. I'm happier than I ever was before I met Kate.

"And there's nothing about her body that could ever change that."

In a third video, Kate responded to a troll who said Andrew should be encouraging her to exercise by highlighting that she's the same weight now as she was on her wedding day a year ago.

She added: "All I was celebrating was that I've got myself a man who loves me through thick and thin and supports me in every way, shape or form."

What's more, Kate also has a separate TikTok account documenting her weight loss – having previously shed 100lbs before meeting Andrew.

Needless to say, Kate's videos struck a chord with followers – who praised her for being open about her weight struggles.

People are acting like it's my goal to be overweight and Catfish my husband. No – my goal is to be happy and confident no matter what I see in the mirror.

"This made me feel so much better about myself," one replied. "The same thing happened to me and my boyfriend is still skinny and still loves me."

Another added: "Makes me sad that people forget others have feelings and what they say can affect them. But you're beautiful – don't listen to the [trolls]."

"You're beautiful and it's totally normal to gain and lose weight," a third wrote. "If you're happy and confident then that's all you need."

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