People are sharing photos of their cats hidden in genius places – so how many can YOU spot?

CATS are the undisputed kings of the internet and have now become our colleagues as most of the nation works from home. 

So if you were bored and looking to kill some time in isolation which isn’t scrolling through Netflix, why not test yourself on these tricky brainteasers involving the nation's favourite animal.

People have been sharing fairly ordinary scenes on social media, showing fields, laundry rooms, the seaside and even a rubbish tip. 

But a cat is hidden somewhere in each photo. 

Known for being mischievous, sneaky and always landing on their feet, cats get themselves into hilarious situations – and positions.

Which makes them near-impossible to find in these pictures, but if you’re stuck for the answer fear not as we’ve included the reveal below it. Happy hunting.


Flower power

Kitchen aid

On the fence

Couch potato

Curtain call

Rugged look

Boxing clever

Fields of gold

House proud

Scrub up

Room with a view

Shelf life

Water sight

Now you sea me

Plastic fantastic

Beach please

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