Parents share brutal reality of lockdown with kids – from tangled hair nightmares to tots climbing INTO the loo

ARE your little terrors driving you mad during lockdown? You're not the only one.

These kids are also wrecking havoc during quarantine, and we're sure every parent can relate.

If you're end at the end of your tether juggling work, homeschooling, cleaning, cooking and laundry, spare a thought for these poor parents.

One little girl has trapped her brother in a toy oven, while another lass' tangled locks are going to take hours to comb.

Someone else's daughter has climbed into the toilet, while one lad was caught scrubbing out his potty – with a toothbrush.

Have a laugh at this lot and well done for making it through to yet another weekend in lockdown…

Hair mare

Toilet humour

Gone potty

Tear-ible twos

Period drama

Happy birth-spray

Stuck on you

Monster munch

Close shave

Wheely annoying

Chalking up

Oh crap

Class act

Stairway to hell

In more parenting news, this 'cheeky' two-year-old shaved a huge chunk out of her hair using dog clippers while her mum thought she was quietly ‘watching TV'.

While these babies were born during the pandemic just like Boris and Carrie’s tot.

And one toddler covered his face in pink lipstick after getting into mum’s make-up during lockdown.

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