NYC's Top Piercer Breaks Down the Piercing Trends You Won't Want to Miss This Year

NYC’s Top Piercer Breaks Down the Piercing Trends You Won’t Want to Miss This Year

Lil Nas X and his cute-ass dangly earring are proof: piercing trends are getting cooler by the minute. It’s not just about the jewelry — although, yes, that plays a part — but also the area you choose, how it vibes with your other pieces of ear bling, and just how perfectly “imperfect” you’re willing to go.

That latter point will be key in the coming months: “We are going to continue to see asymmetry in styling of earrings and in the number of piercings wearers collect,” said Maria Tash, piercer and founder of her eponymous jewelry brand. “Another theme that we’ve seen favored by our clients is multiple piercings in the rook or contraconch areas of the ear, styled with related pieces to create a theme. A key element is finding jewelry pieces that best complement the skin tone and anatomy of the wearer and honor their personal style.”

Not sure where to start? We’ve asked Tash to break down her three favorite piercing trends she predicts everyone will be getting this year — and don’t worry, they are a little easier to pull off than Lil Nas X’s neon-pink cowboy suit.

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