Nurse mortified as dog finds sex toy her mate bought her as a joke & runs riot with it in full view of the neighbours

A NURSE has been left red-faced after her puppy was discovered running around outside her house with a sex toy in its mouth.

Paula Ramsay, from Dundee, shared a hilarious snap of Carlos the French Bulldog proudly clutching the offending item after he managed to get hold of it on Monday.

The 27-year-old was on her break at work when her partner, Dale Anderson, forwarded on the hilarious picture after catching cheeky Carlos carting the toy about.

It shows Frenchie Carlos with the pink, rubbery appliance, which is almost half his size, between his jaws.

Paula says she had been sent the X-rated item by a pal as a joke, but was left mortified after Carlos was spotted tottering around with the toy in full view of her neighbours.

Luckily, Paula saw the funny side and took to Twitter to share the snap, saying: “Aaron thought he’d be funny and order a dildo to my house as a laugh.

“My puppy got into it and was running around my front garden with it & wouldn’t come back

“I live on a main road. Excellent.”

The post, which has since racked up more than 28,000 likes, has had social media users in stitches.

Laura McKenzie wrote: “Howling.”

Wendy Kaish added: “I would have just started packing and moving, I would never have been seen again on the street.”

Kane Vision said: “That’s priceless.”

And Donal Kelleher joked: “Meat and two veg. A balanced diet for a puppy.”

Tickled Paula branded naughty Carlos an “absolute pest”.

She added: “Honestly, you couldn’t write it.”

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